Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Suppertime happens twice a day

Who's hungry. 

We weigh the grain
out so we know how
much each calf is receiving.
Ok obviously I eat more than twice a day. I mean I need three meals a day and then my mom always called my a grazer. I think snacks are awesome! However, our calves that we are getting ready to show get fed twice a day, and then have the opportunity to graze grass or eat hay (dried grass in-between).

Last week I took this video of feeding time. I don't really explain the ration (grain mix) very well, so here is more of an explanation. It contains corn as well as oats, minerals, a little beet pulp and a few other ingredients like the pelleted stuff which is Sure Champ. Sure Champ is a prebiotic to help the cattle's digestive system function to the best of its ability.

Ally the heifer calf in the video is one of my favorites, however she isn't the one getting all the attention right now. Two heifers by the name of Show Goes On (Sally) and Firework are getting lots of baths, hair cuts and time spent on their hair. That's because in February we are going to sell both of them, and they'll need their pictures taken soon. Just another day on the farm.


  1. We have not used beet pulp - people do around here we just haven't - we have been using cotton seed hulls for a couple of years now!

    So you want to share with me the secret to working with curly Hereford hair - it is my nemesis!

  2. OH and I will be making my kids read this - they swear we are the only people in the world who force them to weigh feed every single time!

  3. Haha, yes weighing a feed is a must. Especially with calves and a pound can make such a difference!


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