Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turquoise Thursday: Bundle Up

It's getting cold out there. 

Yesterday it poured in Iowa, and today the wind isn't supposed to stop blowing. Thankfully the calves have stayed healthy, but the Boy has definitely been keeping an extra eye on them. I'm pretty sure fall is almost over, and that means it is time to bundle up. Thus, I bring you this week's Turquoise Thursday!

Now who couldn't help but smile even on those cold winter days when wearing this turquoise winter jacket

Maybe you just need a hint of turquoise. Why not add a scarf, perfect for both indoors and outside! I love Southern Jewlz's selection of scarves. 

Turquoise head warmer from etsy. 
Also have you started to see the new rage in ear warmers? These crocheted head warmers have been popping up everywhere. I'll give credit to my Oklahoma girls, I saw tons of them wearing them last year, such trend setters. Charming Charlie's doesn't have an online store, but I bought a really cute on for a friend there, and they had tons to choose from. 

I love how this turquoise head warmer narrows that the back so it says in place better. 

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  1. That scarf is calling my name... :)

  2. ugh! I'm not ready to bundle up yet!

  3. Very cute stuff!!

  4. UUUgggghhhhh. I'm so NOT ready for winter. Would LOVE some of that rain you got just showered here.
    BUT...I do love that coat...and scarf!

  5. Next spring I think we'll be thankful for that rain. I wish we could also send some to those in need.

  6. I'm in love with this scarf! I am totally putting it on my Christmas list!


  7. I so love those crochet headbands/headwarmers! They make me feel like the hippie that deep down inside I know I am. ;)

  8. In LOVE with that ear warmer! I'm sure they don't really keep you warm on freezing cold working days, but they would be cute for running errands.


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