Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm nervous, and got the goose bumps

It's game day

Today is a pretty important day. Teams across the country will be playing football, but there is one team I will be wildly cheering on, my K-State Wildcats. See today we play Oklahoma State. We had an undefeated season until last week when those ugly Sooners kind of dominated us. After so many straight wins in a row, we are looking for a W again.

Now I know that many of my close friends are Cowboys, and I know that many people that read this blog will be wearing orange today, so I am making a declaration. I will not smack talk you, if you are pleasant back. That way we don't have to put our friendship on hold.

Now for the goose bump part. If the hairs on your arm down stand up, obviously you don't bleed purple. Go cats, and remember EMAW.


  1. We're an orange household.. ;) My hubby's dad played for Oklahoma State back in the day.

  2. My hubby and I were at the game...We had goose bumps, We were nervous and we tailgated with our good friends who bleed Orange! When I'm not cheering on the KSU Wildcats...I'll give a hoot and holler for the Cowboys! I grew up on the OK/KS state line...Not quite a house divided...but close! One of my good friends' dad played B-Ball for OSU--have had ALOT of friends/family go to Stillwater.
    Let me say...GREAT GAME!!! EMAW~

  3. Jennifer, that is really cool

    Cow Pies and Mud Pies I couldn't agree more.


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