Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turquoise Thursday - Pin it

Hunks of turquoise are the best

Thanks to Pinterest and my friend Anna (who also does Turquoise Thursdays) I found this awesome turquoise pin. Don't look at the price that is not important. The third and fourth options are a little less expensive.

How cool would that be to have a turquoise pin? This is where my turquoise pin would appear.

- on a black blazer
- on a handbag
- add to a silver chain

Or you could wear it like The King Ranch Saddle suggests.

This the turquoise pin I'm talking about. 

Love it! 

And if you arm feels a little bare you could go with the matching turquoise cuff

I also like this turquoise pin found on eBay. 

I thought of another option - on my black peacoat. Can you tell I like black as much as I like turquoise. 

I am not a big heart person, but I think this is a cute option for a turquoise pin


  1. Love the pin! Turquoise and black go so well together - it is the perfect combo!

  2. I wanted this before but I want it even more now!


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