Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A long way from home - Agribition show coverage

Family time for afar

This week is always a big event for my family. We are currently showing cattle at one of the biggest livestock shows in Canada called Agribition. The only thing is that I am not at the show this year. With a change in jobs I successful completed my first sale meetings this week, but that meant no trip home.

Thankfully through tweets, Facebook statues and online video I have still been able to keep tabs on the family.

If you have never seen a cattle show or are interested in the Simmental show at Agribition you can watch online right now. Blair's Ag is a Canadian company that has a huge commitment to Canadian agriculture and has sponsored an online video feed of the Agribition cattle shows. You can follow along with the show my using this show program.

Good luck to all the exhibitors. My family, High Country Simmentals, has already shown one heifer this morning, and will have a cow/calf pair and bull calf to show later on.

RJY Rival 13Y
Reserve Champion Simmental Bull at Fairfairm International


  1. Good luck to your family at the show and you at your new job! Excited to hear about how both turn out : )

  2. I too am missing Agribition this year -- thanks to Blair's Ag. for letting us view the shows from home !

  3. Thanks everyone. Our heifer calf was third, our cow/calf pair was fourth and our bull calf won his division! We are now cheering on our Simmental friends who won Grand Champion bull, in hopes that he'll win the Supreme show tonight.


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