Sunday, November 25, 2012

Easiest Way to Clean Your Microwave

Suzie Homemaker

This Thanksgiving weekend has been full of food, time spent at the farm getting cattle ready for picture day, and doing a little fall cleaning around our house.

I love to cook and I am pretty good at keeping things tidy, but please don't look in our microwave. However, today was the day to get it clean! Thanks to Pinterest I combined a couple suggestions and crossed my fingers that things would work out because a word to the wise not everything on Pinterest works out!

Yes, this is our microwave. Please don't judge. 

Put a microwave safe bowl filled with water and a couple tablespoons of vinegar into the microwave. You can also do the two count pour with the vinegar to measure. The vinegar is to help capture the smells that will be released from the steam cleaning. Close the door and let your microwave run for five minutes. 

Remove the bowl (caution it will be HOT!) Then take a wet cloth and begin to wipe. I was pretty impressed that by just wiping no hard scrubbing this is how clean the microwave was. I decided I didn't feel like scrubbing today so I out the bowl back in the microwave for another five minutes. 

The extra five minutes did the trick! The tough spots wiped clean the second time. A perfectly sparkling microwave.


  1. Very good! I'm on my way to the microwave right now! We have a small kitchen here at sea and the microwave gets a workout for quick snacks between (waaaaay too big) meals in the restaurants.

  2. Such a great trick. I've done this for Yeats! It works no matter the mess and my microwave gets bad!!!!!

  3. Great! I have people that never cover anything when they microwave either. Better late than never so thanks for the tip!

  4. yup. ours looks the same on a weekly basis. gotta love pinterest!!

  5. I'm amping myself up for a big house cleaning this week - this is happening. Thanks!

  6. Oh this is great!! I'll be trying it for sure!


  7. This is kind of amazing!

  8. It is amazing to me how many things vinegar is good for. I use it for so many things, cheaper than any cleaning product out there - and not laden with chemicals to boot.

    Baking soda, then vinegar to unclog a drain or freshen a sink. I love to do this to remove buildup/freshen the disposal.

    GREAT in the laundry - a bit with your detergent will freshen your clothes and soften them better than a fabric softener. Also gets out yucky smells (I have a cat....). Don't worry, the smell is gone when the washer cycle is done!

    I can't wait to try this microwave cleaning cure!


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