Friday, November 16, 2012

Passionate about Purple.

Bleeding Purple

If you haven't heard the Kansas State Wildcats are #1. Yup, my team, my alma mater is #1. It has been a little surreal this football season. Win or lose you won't find fans that love their team or their coach (the amazing Bill Snyder) as much as we do, but on top of that we are #1 is slightly unbelievable. If this is a dream I don't want to wake up. 

The Boy and I cheering on the Cats in Manhattan when we played Oklahoma State. 

When at the K-State game a couple weeks ago I got a little emotional. When I looked around I realized how much purple has shaped my life. If it is wasn't for me attending Kansas State University I have no idea what path I would be on and I think I am in a pretty amazing place in my life right now. What I owe to K-State and my K-State Family is really unmeasurable. 

It would be amazing if Collin Klein and our Wildcats brought home that crystal football, but if those players experience at K-State was anything like mine they hearts are already so full that they will know they have already won. Cheesy yes, but true. 

While at the game they filmed a shot of the Championship Trophy right in front of us. I apologize for the incredibly blurry iPhone picture because that crystal football is beautiful to see. 

This weekend the Boy and are are going to a Notre Dame game with the farming group. I am really excited to see the campus, however I will be proudly sporting my K-State purple. I know where my heart lies. If you ever have the opportunity to stop in Manhattan, or have a son or daughter or friend that is about to go to college tell them to consider Kansas State. It is the least I can go to spread the purple pride. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. 


  1. Love your guys' purple pride!!

  2. This does a fantastic job of letting people know exactly how Wildcat Nation thinks and feels!

  3. Love this, Crystal! Even though last Saturday didn't go the way you wanted it to, you're exactly right that it's far less about the crystal trophy and far more about the great college experience!



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