Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turquoise Thursday: State Necklaces

A piece of home

If you are like me (or a lot of my friends) we have picked up and moved one of two times, and not just across the street. At the age of 27 I have already lived in Alberta, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

I have seen lots of these state necklaces on Pinterest and Etsy, however I of course was drawn to these specific necklaces with their turquoise patina.

This is a two state necklace from NINOYCHKAgoods on Etsy.

NINOYCHKAgoods also does single state necklaces. I like that on this one you can have a heart placed anywhere within the state. Maybe one to signify your hometown. 

Which state(s) would you choose? 

And as a reminder don't forget to vote for Crystal Cattle in the Best of the Barns awards. I haven't been nominated for best Cattle Blog in Category 11. 


  1. I love this. Adding it to my Christmas list right now.....Oklahoma, of course. With a big ol' heart for Stillwater. :)


  2. Those necklaces are cute, anything in turquoise is fine by me!


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