Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two things that go together Christmas and Candy

Betty Crocker's favorite time of year.

Christmas is coming! Yes, I know Thanksgiving isn't isn't over yet, but since I grew up in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving in October. That means about the middle of November my brain gets wired for Christmas.

Although, I have no idea what I am going to be asking for (my mom is already wanting my Christmas list) I have been dreaming about all the Christmas goodies that I will be whipping up. Thanks to Pinterest I think I might just turn the kitchen into a sweet zone. I am sure that will be good for the waistline.

These are a few of the ideas I like so far.

                                                                              Source: delish.com via Crystal on Pinterest

They call these Shortbread Bites, and supposedly they are very additive.

                                                                      Source: adventuresinsavings.com via Crystal on Pinterest

I am a huge fan of things on a stick. Last year I made a ton of pretzel sticks and I think this year I'll be including some chocolate covered marshmallows.

                                                                  Source: happyhourprojects.com via Crystal on Pinterest

Aren't these pretty. You do them in ice cube makers. Melted chocolate and I are big friends during the holidays.

I'm a sweet maker, are you a cookie baker, or cake maker? What are you favorite Christmas treats? To see more fun ideas check out my Sweet Treats board on Pinterest.

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