Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gift Guide: Instagram Magnets

It's time to start shopping!

Who is excited about Christmas? This girl. I have started to pick up a couple little gifts here and there, and have been working on my own Christmas list. With Pinterest I was able to create a Crystal's Wish List board that family and friends can pull ideas off of. Does anyone else do this?

One of the gifts I gave last year were Instagram Magnets from Stickygram. Stickygram is an awesome way to turn your Instagram pictures into magnets.

A couple of the magnets on our fridge.

The process is quite simple.
1. Visit www.stickygram.com
2. It'll ask you to login into you Instagram account
3. Pick you favorite photos. You pay $14.99 for each sheet, and the shipping is free.

You get to pick out nine different photos, or you can choose multiples of the same photo.

4. Pay, and then anxiously await for your magnets.

And as an added bonus I have two coupon codes that you can use. Use FRIEND26CL to receive $2 off your order or use STICKYYAM to get a buy two get a third free deal (this one expires on Friday). Ready to do some shopping?!


  1. you rock. i have now ordered some and have almost completed my "homemade" portion of my christmas shopping!! yay me! (and you!) ;)

    1. So glad I could help! Someone is going to be very excited!

  2. This is an awesome idea! I love some of my IG photos & also think this would be a perfect gift for a lot of other people I know : )

    1. Since there are nine on a sheet it makes it easy to divide them up and give to multiple people!

  3. This is a very nice idea! I will include this on my DIY list. Thanks! :) - www.crystalhobbies.com


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