Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Every girl loves a little shopping

And when you are shopping on the Plaza it is even better!

Last week, I felt the need to just get out of my office and get out of town. I know I had a big weekend coming up with Wes's wedding, but being in the office multiple days after seven it was time to take some me time. 

The Kansas City Country Club Plaza is the oldest Plaza in the U.S. It has some awesome shopping, including a MAC store which I frequent quite often. I had no real agenda while I was down there. Tried on lot of things and put them back down - they didn't look quite right, they were too much money, etc. However, I did remember an email that I had received that Coach was launching a new line of bags called Brooke. There was this really cool purple bag that I had seen online and so I thought I would stop in. 

Of course a flood of sales ladies rushed over to assist me. They must have sensed a sucker. I asked about the Brooke bags, and they said they had them in the back and they were going out on the shelves in the morning, but they would bring a few samples out for me. 

All pretty bags, but...

... this one is amazing!

They call it eggplant, its really dark purple - and it was gorgeous! And so I bought it. Logical reasoning right. I love this bag - it goes with black and brown, reminds me of K-state and still smells like leather. And now I will not be returning to the Plaza for a very long time. 

But then, there was just one more thing I found, and it was on sale so why not. I love ostrich skin. Just ask my friends or sister. I had seen this wallet a few weeks ago at Urban Outfitters, but this time it was on sale. Now its not real ostrich skin, but it looks good, and I think it goes great with the new purse!

Happy shopping!


  1. Great purse! Shopping can always be rationalized when you find something you love.

  2. LOVE IT...what a beautiful bag!

  3. That is a beautiful bag Crystal!

  4. Thanks ladies! Going to have a post about some really neat turquoise jewelry and accessories coming up.

  5. Sweet purse!! It's perfect for a K-State diva.


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