Monday, August 31, 2009

Fat Turquoise Crosses

So gals to the North the trend is coming, and girls to the South its here. I love all these fat turquoise crosses, and have came across a few items that I will be adding to my wishlist and dreaming about for now.

I recently found this website They have got some great designs. I especially like this black purse. They have a few more styles online. A really neat lime green one too, but that didn't go with my "fat turquoise cross trends!" The good news they are on sale right now $80, regular $120.

From the same website, really liking this turqoise ring.
Love the metal on it. 

And you can't leave out something from Miss Randa's collection. Randa is a really great friend of mine, that has started her own jewerly business - Southern Jewlz.  The one below is one that I snatched up from her during Junior Nationals. Randa makes lots of two and three stand necklaces, but because of my small neck she was able to make me a single strand.
This is another real cute one from her collection. Robin is the big fan of the red in our household. Always lots of good finds on Miss Randa's website. 

Now if anyone goes out rushing to buy something you'll have to let me know. And if anyone is wanting to buy me a gift for some crazy reason, now you have some ideas!


  1. MUST...HAVE...THAT...PURSE!!!!!!! Good eye!

  2. LOVE it!!! have to have it ALL!!! :)

  3. Love them all! Thanks for I just need to put a bug in Arturo's ear for my Christmas! :)

  4. I LOVE these items Crystal!! This post would be amazing to add to Copper West also ;)

  5. Thanks for the lead! Just bought myself a great multi-stone necklace!


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