Friday, August 14, 2009

Telling your story - Eby Ranch

I really do love my job.

Last January I was approached by Eby Ranch to assist them with their communications and marketing plan. Like many in the purebred or seedstock cattle business, they realized the importance of marketing your product. They also realized that they didn't have enough time to get it all done, and that's where I stepped in. 

I have really enjoyed working with Eby. They are a great group of people and their manager and I have lots in common beyond Angus cattle - a love for the show ring, Simmentals and mutual friends back in Canada. It has also been great to get out of the office and go shoot pictures and videos or attend a sale. 

The Creative Media team just got done this video. My boss worked on laying down the story, we have a tech kid in our office that laid down a rough cut of the footage and works on sound and then I got in and make final edits on the footage and graphics. What was really exciting about this video is... I shot all the footage by myself. I got a huge compliment from my boss, who I think is amazing at the video and photography he does. He said I could've done better on shooting the video, I just need to work on composing my interviews a little better. (Always room for a little improvement!)

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