Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PETA's Bloody 'Unhappy Meal's targeting children

They are at it again folks... and this time they want your children.

In PETA's latest attempt to rid this country of Animal Agriculture they have targeted an easily 
influence demographic - children. Fortunately, their marketing tactics this time have slightly backfired and are causing unhappiness among parents - the ones with the pocket book.  The 'Unhappy Meals' feature a knife-wielding Ronald McDoanld and a bloody rubber chickens. Really it doesn't surprise me to see this coming from PETA who have used shock-and-awe tactics frequently to gain extra media exposure. 

Last week, I was in San Francisco for the LEAD (Leaders Engaged in Angus Development) Conference. Many of our speakers discussed the challenges that Animal Agriculture is facing in California. But what they reminded us of is that they are only starting here, and they will be moving to your state next. One afternoon as we were leaving Pier 39 we saw a huge billboard sponsored by PETA, that said McCruelty and featured the McDonald's M with a dead rubber chicken hanging out of it. Look's like we know who there next target it. Whether or not you like the quality of McDonald's food you have to recognize that they are a huge buyer of hamburger. Something that is important to me as a producer. 

PETA's "McCruelty Campaign" has ruffled the feathers of moms and dads in Albany who say they don't want their kids exposed to any throat-slitting chickens or pictures of slaughtered poultry.

"I don't want my son to be around something like this. This is not fair for a child," Stephaine Gipson told FOX23 News in Albany.

"I think it's unhappy that they target children," said parent Michelle Natale.

But the animal rights activists say kids are jaded enough by television and video games to handle the carnographic images, and intend to continue their campaign pressuring McDonald's to use more humane means of killing chickens.

"I think children and adults deserve to be told the truth — and that's that behind Ronald McDonald's smile is cruelty to animals," said PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt.

To read the whole story click here.

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