Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Remember when I wrote on Monday how excited I was for the week? Lots of friends supposed to be stopping by, other friends flying in for the weekend, and a big judging team reunion on Friday and Saturday because of Wes and Shauna's wedding. Well some of it is still happening, some plans have changed but things don't seem as exciting. Maybe it has been the the rain. Since Saturday we have received a monsoon rain every morning, and the cloud seems to be still following me. 

I am not sure of the solution. My gloom did get me things about a speaker we had a LEAD a couple weeks ago named Justin Lookadoo. One of my favorite quotes of his was "Are you doing your best with the abilities you have been give," but I'll talk more about his session another day. The advice I can use today is "Stand up straight, put your shoulders back and slap and huge smile on your face, cause it is impossible to be depressed in this stance." Now go on and try it, I am starting to feel better already. 

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