Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time to get organized!

Getting things back on track...

So the summer has flown by and now we are into the beginning of fall! It seems like during the summer although I have specific events or places to be, once I arrive there is a little more freedom to juggle my schedule. With a new job, trying to buy all the media and place ads for a national advertising campaign and managing Eby Ranch's fall sale advertising my schedule is a little more set in stone. This summer I had pretty much tossed my planner aside. By last week when I decided I just couldn't rely on my brain to remember everything anymore I went to pull out my trusty old planner.

Yup that's right trusty, old and ugly and uninspiring! Even worst when I opened it up I realized that I was completely out of usable pages. So that only meant one thing - a shopping trip!

After scouring Office Max and Home Depot I came up short handed to Target it was. And look what I found. But look what I found! Whole array of fun and festive colors, all in the Franklin  Covey brand - which I highly recommend. I also highly recommend Target for all the fun home and stationary stuff they have but that is another whole blog to come late. 

In the end I went for a classic pink. Figured it might be a little more professional. And as you can see things are filling up rather quickly! Especially with some trips that I get to take with my old judging team members. More weddings to come yet this summer.

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  1. Wicked post! LOVE the pictures of the organizers - I was in heaven. Have a blast at your upcoming weddings and work trips. Look forward to hearing about San Francisco Crystal.


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