Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What kind of camera do you use?

This is a question I get asked quite often. Now by no means am I a camera expert. I give a lot of credit to my boss for knowing good equipment and getting the right tools in my hands.

I shoot with a Nikon D200. I have shot with Canon's before, but I just love my Nikon. 

I have two lenses that I shoot with. The first and my primary lens is a 70-300mm lens, also know as a telephoto lens, and I like to call it my paparazzi lens. It is wonderful for distance shots, can really blur out a back ground and is awesome in the pasture. Completely useless in a picture pen though!

The other lens I use is a Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye lens. I cursed this lens to start off with. My very first shoot on the job I had to use this lens 80% of the time. You can do some cool stuff with it, but forget about zooming in! Me and it fought, but then I discovered I could take shots like these!
This one is of Chan Philips judging the bull show at Denver.

The queens at the 2008 National Junior Angus Show

Love this picture. This lens lets in lots of light. 
Happy shooting!


  1. I was reading over you list of 100 things to do, if you are in need of a travel partner to get some of these crossed off or to help in general, just give me a heads up. Great blog post btw.

  2. Crystal...Thank you for the post...I have some thoughts of purchasing a camera and some lenses! Always intresting to hear what others use! It sounds like all is well...see you this fall maybe!

  3. Hey Crystal, thanks for making your way back to my blog. With school being out and work being so hectic on the farm I decided to take an unannounced blogging break for the summer. Thanks for the advice. I ended up purchasing the 55-200mm lens and absolutely love it...but of course I am craving new lenses to experiment with. I am in desperate need of photography lessons to at least get the basics down and polish up my skills. We will see what happens with that lol. Anyways I checked out your blog a bit tonight and really enjoyed it. It's great to see someone close in age with the same interests...I have not found to many of us in the blogging world as of yet. I'll be keeping up with your posts and should be rollin' again with mine here when schools starts.


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