Friday, October 14, 2011

I care for them just as good as you do

Putting my animals' needs before my own. 

Remember that AWFUL story about the animal abuse at the E6 Cattle, a dairy in Texas? I was disgusted with the disrespect and lack of care shown to those calves. The story was broke by a Mercy For Animals uncover investigator. I was also appalled that their uncover agent could stand there and not help those animals. I have the same about of respect for that person as the persons committing the abuse - NONE.

Mercy For Animals decided to give a six month update on four of the calves that they rescued, and placed on their farm sanctuary. I am appreciative of them for helping these animals and nurturing them back to health.

They make two statements in the article:

"...with round the clock attention, love and veterinary care, all four calves are now healthy, strong and enjoying the good life."

"While the recovery of these beautiful calves inspires hope, there are still many animals suffering at the hands of the meat, dairy and egg industries today. Luckily, each of us can help prevent the needless cruelty and violence these animals endure by making the switch to a healthy and compassionate vegan diet."

Simmental cows
at my family's farm
in Alberta, Canada
Now I would like to provide a statement. 

My family, fiancé's and I give our animals all the attention they need - no it's not around the clock, but at 3 o'clock in the morning my cows are sleeping and don't need anything, so we are in bed, that's unless they decide 3 o'clock is a great time to calf. Then out of bed we climb. 

Our calves and cows' health is our number priority. We consult with both veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure that we have a proper health and nutrition plan set up for our animals. I really do love our cattle. The Boy and I had a calf get really sick and die this fall. We saw his symptoms early on, had a vet come out to do a check up and treated him with the prescribed medicines, but he still died. It broke both the Boy and I's heart to lose him. Our animals are part of our family. 

However, in saying all this I am still going to eat meat. You eating meat has nothing to go with the level of care given or not given to animals. And because we have lots of choices you can either go to Wal-mart and purchase your beef or you can go to a local farmer and purchase you beef. Both equally suitable options, you make the choice. 

Don't let groups like MFA, HSUS and PETA fool you. I do everything in my power to ensure that my animals are care of, and that other people in the farming and ranching industry are doing the same. 

Fat and happy Hereford cows at JJB Cattle Co


  1. Thank you for the post and your thoughts on the subject. Animal abuse at the hands of a tiny minority of farmers and ranchers is something that the whole community of agricultural professionals has to address every day to, hopefully one day, eliminate. Sadly, these minority stories get the majority of the media attention, causing consumer distrust and more work for the farmers and ranchers who do everything right and in the best interest of their animals.

    I really don't understand how people equate the world population becoming vegetarian with better care provided to animals. If no one ate beef, no one would care for beef cattle. Ranches wouldn't raise and care for cattle because no one would be paying for them anymore. There would no longer be an income stream and there would be no business. If no one consumed dairy, no one would care for dairy cows, and the same for most all agricultural animals. And I don't see everyone, because they're now vegetarian, deciding that it would be awesome to have a calf for a pet and raise it in their suburban backyard or high rise apartment to give it round-the-clock care. The abandonment of the animal agriculture industry would mean the abandonment of these animals and would result in horrible care for them (or no care at all), plain and simple.

  2. Sarah, thanks so much for your comment, and I agree with you. Although, I promote diet options, veganism doesn't prevent animal cruelty. Farmers and ranchers are going to have to continue to research and improve their practices, and work towards getting these bad apples out of our industry.

  3. Great post, Crystal! I was just on the Canadian version of the Mercy for Animals group website yesterday (I think they are a subsidiary) and was amazed at the overwhelming assertion that being a vegetarian saves animal lives - what about the rodent and insect deaths due to grain farming/gardening?? That seems to get overlooked during the vegetarian arguments. I believe that everyone should make the diet choices that are right for them based upon ACCURATE information.
    And congrats on the new job!

  4. Very well said, Crystal. I am grateful for the countless farmers and ranchers who take great care of their animals. Thanks for the heartfelt post!

  5. it's sad that people think they have to stop eating meat so that animals will supposedly have a better life. like you our animals have food, water, shelter and warm bedding. and there are times during calving that myself or Mr. M are sleeping in the barn to assist in a birth if need be. our animals have better lives than most people. we raise and butcher our animals with respect and dignity. people awareness is such a have to...

  6. Crystal you are a very wise woman indeed. We raise our cattle like our family when they need us we are always and I mean always there.
    I am getting a little tired of these people that have no business raising cattle as they are abusive in their own lives I am sure. They create a negative message for us that choose to do it right and with the dignity and great respect our cattle deserve. There are way more good apples than bad thank goodness.
    I have no problem with peoples food choices but you should really think before you write and get your facts straight. My cattle too live better than a lot people I know.
    Love the photo of those Herefords my favourite. B

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