Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Notecard Booklet

Notes of kindness.

Over the years I have collected all kinds of card and notes from family, friends and coworkers - thank you cards, birthday cards, notes of encouragement, the list goes on. However these notecards can only hang out on your fridge or bulletin board for so long. Thanks to Pinterest (greatest invention ever) I came up with an idea of how I could compile all my notecards.

This is just a small pile of the cards I had from work. I had another pile at home to add to these ones.

Use a two hole punch to put holes in the card. Most three hole punches allow you to move the middle punch closer to the end. I would say my holes are about 2-3 inches a part.

  Piles of notecards ready for some pretty ribbon.

Of course I used turquoise ribbon (thanks Hobby Lobby) and thread it through the holes. Be sure to leave extra length so you can add more cards.

Boom a little book of happiness. I have alread flipped through my notecard book a couple times. I love rereading all the notes and words of wisdom my friends have given me over the years. Instantly brightens my day!


  1. Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
    I may try this with my Christmas cards.

  2. Thanks for stoppping by the other day.

    I just did this last week after finding it on Pinterest! I love Pinterest. Hey, a fellow rancher friend has two BC pups and 2 Akbash pups for FREE! I wish you and "the boy" were ready now! ;)

  3. I saw the idea like this on pinterest and love it cause I keep card to! Love it with the ribbon though..very cute!

  4. I am too doing this (thanks to Pinterest) but I am using binder extra large binger rings.

  5. I would love to see some of your creations! Holli I considered binder rings too. You have a couple cards in that pile.

  6. Love this idea! Maybe I should do this with wedding cards!?

  7. Love this idea for Christmas cards!

  8. Joanna, I'm going to be doing that too!

  9. Another idea I have used is to make small gift boxes out of the cards. The only downside to this vs. the booklet is that you can no longer read the messages written on the cards. It is still a great way to recycle old greeting cards, though!


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