Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm a Farm Doll

If you missed it the Southern Stylist featured me on her blog as a Farm Doll - what a fun term! Sheena is a pretty cool lady herself. I truly southern girl herself this girl knows fashion, is a wedding planner and has some awesome recipes. She has this recipe for Sugared Pecans on her blog that looks amazing. I'm thinking some of them packaged real cute would make the perfect Christmas gifts.

Keep checking out her blog as she adds more Farm Dolls

And be sure to search for Sheena or SouthernStylist on Instagram! 

Who says that country, rural and urban don't mix! 


  1. Congrats on being featured as a Farm Doll. It got me thinking that Im going to have to talk to you in about a month when I am sending out my survey for my MS. It is about women in Agriculture and the role they play today.

  2. This is awesome, Crystal! How fun!


  3. Gave a presentation to a group of ladies last night and mentioned your blog and that you will be speaking at AAW, New followers will be coming your way.

  4. @Home on the Range Exchange that is so sweet of you! Can't wait to meet so many of you ladies!

  5. Congrats lady!!!


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