Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to the Cattle Hair Salon

Do you need a wash or a trim? 

The cattle that my family and that the Boy and I are purebred cattle (this means that they have registration papers just like a purebred dog would). We also show our cattle and this helps us market our cattle and genetics.

This fall my family will be showing quite a few animals, and my dad has been working hard on getting them in show shape. This means brushing, washing and even giving them hair cuts (we call this clipping).

So today, I would like to present you with the steps of washing cows.

First, you need to tie your cow's head up high. This will help restrict their movement. 

Next, you take a garden hose with a nozzle on it and wet down the entire animal. After this step I take a soap specially formulated for cattle and put that all over their body. 

Then I take a scrub brush and work in the soap. Cattle usually really like being washed because of the scrubbing. It is like an all over massage. 

And as you can see washing cattle gets the cattle really clean, but you get really dirty. At least diamonds are really durable. 

Once I've scrubbed and rinsed all the soap out of the animal, then it is time to brush. I use two types of brushes to brush all the hair in one direction, usually forward and up at an angle. 

 You can see I've brushed the top part forward. All the hair must be brush forward in the same direction. Part of the grooming process is to accentuate the good parts of the animal and hides the flaws. 

And finally we use a giant hair dryer called a blower to dry the animal's hair. If you follow me on Snap Chat (Crystal Cattle) you'll see lots of snap and video from the "beauty parlor." 


  1. Great post! Although down here in Texas a lot of the shows have moved to slick shear since it's so hot! We still wash and brush our cattle but we also keep their hair short!


  2. Wow. Lot of work. Good luck with the shows!

  3. What kind of cattle do you raise?

  4. Hannah - you just have lots of brushing to do!
    LindaG - thank you!
    Anna - my family and I raise Simmentals, my fiancé raises Herefords

  5. i was thinking of doing a similar post, but keep forgetting to take my care for fear of it getting wet! lol

  6. miss montana bootsOctober 14, 2011

    Love !! Great post for young or kids that are starting to show ! Love the blogs keep doing what your doing and being such and inspiration to me and many females that show! Rock it girly !!

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