Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Networking, and reaching your goal

Grow, expand, connect. 

On Thursday, I am going to be a part of a networking event, put on by the Livestock Publications Council,  for Agricultural Communications students or students that might be interested in that career path. It isn't too late to sign up so I encourage you to check out all the details on the ACT Speed Networking Event in conjunction with the American Royal.

Now for a couple tips:

1. The Basics
Sometimes you don't have a lot of time to connect with people. Have your elevator speech (a spiel about yourself that you could communicate to someone before they get of the elevator) ready to go, business cards handy, and it doesn't hurt to have a few resumes with you just incase you find that perfect opportunity.

2. Tell Someone Your Dreams
My favorite thing to ask people - What do you want to do with your life, where do you want to go, how can I help you get there? If you never share these thoughts with people they can't help you achieve your dreams. I know sometimes we don't have everything planned out 100% or our plans might change a little bit along the way, but it is important to think about where you want to be so you can lay a plan out to get there, and find the right people to put on your team.

3. Image does matter
I wrote a post called Image Doesn't Matter back at the beginning of my blogging career. Well, no matter how many times you heard your mother say it image actually really does matter. Your image in front of me, your social media image, and how you are perceived by your peers and those in the industry all matters. Quoted from my blog, "Here is what goes through a recruiter’s head when they see your Facebook picture of your recent record-setting keg-stand? - click here to find out. 

4. Social Media presence 
First, and most important rule. Don't set up a social media account if you aren't going to use it. That means Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogging and all the other ones out there. If you create an account be engaged. Also remember that just because you are using social media doesn't mean you are a social media expert. In my mind no one is. 

5. Stay in touch 
Remember afterwards to keep in touch. The people you meet while networking could be the people that open the door to the exact opportunity you have been looking for. Also, you might not get an internship or job with one of these people, but that doesn't mean they can't be a mentor for you. Plus, who doesn't like thank you notes. 

Good luck with your dream and goals, and if you are looking for internships this summer be sure to check out the ACT Internship Job Board


  1. Good thoughts no matter what. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I liked this post...lots of good tips! I am going to have to work on some :o)

  3. Thanks ladies, glad you enjoyed the post! The Rustic Chick can't wait to see what your next move is.

  4. What a great post Crystal! This is one of those must reads that helps your brain during these crazy internet and iphone times. It has helped me by saying to myself, go ahead, blog away, but don't forget those tips you read, hahahaha

  5. Pamela, I am glad you enjoyed the post. Always need that little voice in the back of our head saying is this really a good idea!

  6. I wish I could be there to hear your presentation. You are the one that really started to "Crush It" in the livestock industry. Thank you for making your mark.

  7. I am really bummed I didn’t know about this event. I exhibited cattle at the American Royal and I am said I missed out. I am an avid agriculture advocate and enjoyed reading your tips for networking. Social networking is an ever-growing world that is changing by the second. I am so excited to see more and more people in the ag world sharing their story and teaching others how to as well. Thanks for a great blog topic!

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