Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life on a Canadian Farm

Going back to my roots. 

I've been back home to my family's farm in Canada a couple times this fall. The Boy even traveled with me for the one trip. It wasn't the first time he met my family, but the first time he met my cows, almost equally as important. Since yesterday's post about Canadian Thanksgiving had no pictures in it. I thought I would load you up with lots today!

The blob of white and black above is actual a cow. Her name is Elle and my sister and parents own her together. Elle grew up in Kentucky, but now lives in Alberta! 

This is Bud our Border Collie. He is a big part of the family, but he is also like an extra employee on the farm for the amount of work he does helping us move cattle. 

I got to see quite a few awesome sunsets when I was home. 

This is what I ate on Thanksgiving Day since I was in the airport. I had the big tradition Canadian Thanksgiving meal with my family the day before. The best part of my meal above - the brown gravy. There is nothing better than Canadian brown gravy, hands down we win America.

No this is not how all Canadians dress, but I thought this hat was pretty funny. I mean if I am going to have to be out in Iowa winters feeding cattle then I mind as well look kind of cute. My budget made me leave this hat behind.

This was the most important show to see when the Boy was in Canada with me. This is Signature, she was the last show heifer that I showed, and she proved me with lots of opportunities. Income from her calves helped pay for college and the frozen embryos that I sold out of her paid for my trip to Australia. I have more embryos out of her that the Boy and I will put in surrogate mothers in Iowa to start a Simmental herd. She has a special place in my heart. 

And this is the Boy and I in front of my Alberta home. Mom did a good job of getting the Canadian flag in there. We can't wait to make some more trips home.


  1. What an amazing cow! Congratulations on raising such a winner. :)

  2. The sunset is so beautiful! My siblings and I also were given heifers at a certin age and they have proved to provide for a lot of my college education. I like that many people I meet have had an experience like this.


  3. How fun, this makes me want to travel. I was also excited to see that you are going to be at the American Agri-Women convention in Wichita!

  4. Glad you enjoy the pictures! Hannah cattle sure to support a lot of people through college. Home on the Range I am excited to meet you!


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