Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cows really do fly

Please fasten you seat belt and remain seated for the remainder of the flight.

You might not believe me until you watch this video but cows really do fly.

My friend Jamie May shared this video with me to the first of 14 schedule flights of North Dakota cattle headed to Kazakstan. Cattlemen in the United States are know for their superior beef and dairy cattle genetics and therefor often export live cattle to other countries.

My family has also been involved in exporting cattle genetics. Our went in the form of frozen embryos and were sent to Australia.

According the information below this YouTube video of the flying cows Fargo Jet Center and Global Beef Consultants entered into an agreement to support the 2011 airlift mission over the next several weeks. Approximately 2 flights per week will depart Fargo enroute to Astana Kazakhstan. Fargo Jet Center ground crews handle both the aircraft and the loading of the cargo. There are approximately 195 cows per flight. Have a safe trip! 


  1. I read about this in one of the farming magazines. It would be interesting to ride with them to see how it goes. We always tell our cattle to put on their "railer legs" when we are moving them. Wonder if they have airplane legs? ;) In our area some dairy farmers export cattle to Cuba. It is a special deal they have worked out, given the trade embargo.

  2. Very neat!!! Thanks for sharing.


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