Monday, November 9, 2009

All the single ladies...

Love that dance...

I have been thinking about this. Me and two of my good girlfriends, Miss Classy and Ms. Bewitching and I (they got to pick their code names) were enjoying our weekend at the Royal. now let me set this up - I’m not being arrogant - but I think we make quite an impression, three good looking blondes, know a thing or two about cattle, are making something out of our lives and climbing the ranks in our chosen professions, I am pretty sure we turned more than one head that weekend. One thing though - we are all single. I mean like really single, like we are so sure that their may never be a commitment from a boy that we are thinking that building a house in Indiana (on a hill of course) for all the other single, career drive, good looking friends out there, so we can all live together, would be a really good idea. Ok maybe that is a joke! 

Now don’t get me wrong its not like we haven’t had relationships or offers, just nothing ever quite pans out. I mean we all had a college long-term boyfriend, who at one point we thought we were probably going to marry. For different reasons we all went our separate ways, and I think everyone is happy about it. It was probably the best thing. We have been played, done the playing, but after awhile the whole juggling act gets a little tiresome. We have all had legitimate offers too, from really nice, awesome guys, but for some reason they just weren’t everything we needed them to be.

And then there are the guys that I am pretty sure are just scared of girls like us. Actually, we know they are scared – they have told us. I seems like when they see a girl who doesn’t mind pulling her weight when working calves, knows how to move up the ranks, will charm any one else she is introduced to, and can B.S. with the best of them, simply put has her act together, BUT still can let her hair down and get a little crazy once in awhile, while looking great good doing it they just don’t know how to react.

Now don’t get me wrong I do not need/want a husband right now. None of us do, that is for much later down the road. We all agree we are still too independent for that, we all really love our lives and where we are going. It’s not what I am looking for at this point. It’s just us three girls, and trust me there are countless others that just like us, are a little confused. We have worked really hard to get where we are and at the end of the day, we are missing something.

But, I will have to say I still have hope. I am actually a pretty positive person. A friend of mine, Miss Fabulous, just got engaged. Really her and her beau they haven’t been dating super long, a year can change so much. She has told me about him, and I see pictures of them together, and you can just tell that they are in love. So hey who knows what next year, or even next week might bring.

Now put your hands up, up in the club...

I am sure this will all stir up some discussion! Can’t wait to see you Miss Classy and Ms. Bewitching again!


  1. SO true, Crystal! I love that you wrote about it! Me and my two beautiful college friends were just talking about this last weekend in Oklahoma! We're everywhere! :)

  2. Wow. Glad you are living your life they way that you want to on our own timeline, but I think I would be scared of you and your friends too if this was the opening act. Love ya.


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