Sunday, November 22, 2009

And it all comes to an end

Maybe my weekends will be a little more productive now.

This weekend I headed to Lincoln, Nebraska for the K-State football game, and with a loss, it means the end of the season. No bowl game this year. I will have to say that once again K-State football gave me another set of great memories. It is hard to describe what college football is like until you get to experience it yourself.

I have always said that K-State fans are some of the best fans in the Big 12 maybe the country (yes I am slightly bias), but I was more than impressed with Nebraska. Those fans are serious, I am pretty sure if you aren't a Nebraska fan, they don't let you live in the state. When the 81,067 seat stadium is full (which they have filled it more than 300 times in a row - that's a NCAA record) the stadium itself becomes the 3rd largest city in Nebraska.

When Nebraska scores their first touchdown people let these red balloons go. It's pretty neat to watch them fill the sky. The stadium is also loud. Everyone cheers, everyone chants, they have awesome fans. Would definitely go back to Memorial Stadium, hopefully next time it will be a stronger team through, and we'll walk away with the win!

Katie and I enjoying the awesome weather.

Lauren and Tawnya - go State!

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  1. Great to see you there! Dang those 'Cats though... :(


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