Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Royal Weekend - Part 1

Well after waiting what seemed like an eternity the American Royal finally arrived!

I swear last week it mine of well had of been Christmas coming, that is how excited everyone was. The American Royal is such a great time, and then add Halloween on top of it and some birthdays, who knew what could happen.

Thursday - Em was my house guest, and a great one at the day. She took my car to get the oil changed, we ate lunch at the Japanese steak house, and then she made her famous lasagna for supper and bought wine. I don't think I had enjoyed any of her delicious lasagna since college, and back then it use to be a staple in my diet! Shortly after dinner Miss Former Junior Board Member friend arived, with cheese and wine from Wisconsin. Jeez I love company. We settled in for a night of Grey's, and me packing last minute! Yes, Emilie likes to where wigs when she cooks.

Friday - official first day at the American Royal. Very early morning, but that's what you do when you work for those Angus people! The junior show started off the morning, followed by the open female show, and then the bull show. I have videos coming so stay tuned. Then it was time for the PLC Gala! I mentioned last weekend I was in search of a hat. Well here it is...

Emilie was my awesome date. I had the Derby look and she was gangster. I would say we good pretty darn good! It was so fun getting dresses up in hats, but I will admit your vision does get a little blocked when wearing them. You have to do this tilt your head back thing to look someone in the eye, or for people to recognize who you are. I guess that's just the price you pay for looking gorgeous.

There were so many great hats there. Lots of very creative looks.

And this was our table. I would say we are definitely the up and comers in the livestock communications world!

And this is what happens when your friends steal your camera. Payback is fun girls! The night may or may not of ended with us doing the train. Sorry no pictures of that. I would say the night was off to a real good start.

Next week headed to the Power and Light District PBR Bar, which could have been called the place where you will have more fun than you ever could imagine. I think everyone was rather concerned that our normal hangout place, during the Royal - Connies, was shut down. However, PBR bar worked just find. A combination of Michael Jackson, a live Texas Country Band, and a little Vanilla Ice kept us dancing all night long. I even got told that if I could just improve one thing about me, I would be a perfect ten. I think I am going to take this statement as a compliment! Day 1 an overwhelming success.

Stay tuned Part two coming soon, and it involves shopping...


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