Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giving gratitude... 101 in 1001

A great day to do it...

When you think about this month there are lots of things to be thankful for. Today, Remembrance Day (Canada) or Veterans Day (U.S.), we'll think about the people that have fought us in the past, and those that are continuing to fight for us. In Canada it is common to wear a poppy, to signify remembrance, thankfulness, and to remind people of the fighting that took place in Flander's Field.

Even though Canadian Thanksgiving has passed, American Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Giving us a chance to reflect back and be thankful for what the year has brought us. I will have to see if someone can find me some pumpkin pie while I am on the north side of the border for Agribition. 

Also, I have great friends and family that are always there to support me. At times things get a little stressful, but I have a pretty awesome life. I try to be gracious for the gifts that have been given to me.

And finally, we should thank those that provide for us everyday - farmers and ranchers. We help provide for you and your families everyday. So thank you to the people that help put clothes on my back and food in my belly!


  1. Cheers to Agribition! I would bring ya a pumpkin pie if I wasn't going to be packing a 4 month old around! haha.

  2. Hey Crystal! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I accidently deleted your comment though, as I was deleting the "Viagra for Women" comment. Sorry! hehe

    Love your blog, I will be back!


  3. Hi Crystal!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog...sorry it has not been updated in the last...well, several days going on weeks! I've been too darn busy to keep up! Will be back to visit a fellow "Wildcat Fan"!
    Are you a KState grad? I'm not, but my husband is...former KState Livestock Judging member...

  4. I realize you are probably at Louisville living it up (WAY jealous!!) but I didn't know what to do without my dose of "I Believe Tuesday" yesterday!! :)

  5. Thanks girls for all your great comments! I am glad you have stopped by my blog.

    Kimberely, I will be in the Simmental barns during Agribition.

    Les - yes I am a K-State grad and was on the Livestock Judging Team.

    Tiffany - I am so sorry! I forgot to schedule a blog spot while I was gone. This week we'll just have to call it I Believe Wednesdays!


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