Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The countdown is on - NFR baby

Only 30 more days...

I really like rodeo, and I admit I really like shopping, and I really thought Vegas was awesome this summer when my sister and friends went. So, what would be cooler than all those things combined in an NFR Experience!

The roommate and I will be headed their for the first weekend. I'll admit it is kind of a random trip, just the two of us going, but we are really excited. Last year, I tried to get a big group to go, but with no luck. So this year, very sneakily R3 and I planned a trip.

Now we don't have rodeo tickets yet, we are hoping to buy some their or stumble on some before then. We are also planning on making Cowboy Christmas a big part of our weekend, however the pocket book might limit that.

I am really hoping to stop by Classic Leather Designs and pick me up a hair-on belt similar to this. I think I want something that is more black and white patches.

So if you have any suggestions as to what we should do, wear we should go, or if your attending to, hit me up.

p.s. You can search Vegas in the search bar at the top to read about all of our stories.


  1. SO jealous!! You guys will have a blast! I'm already planning my NFR party here in front of my tv! :)

  2. I love Vegas! Hoping to go for the PBR finals one of these years. Have a great trip!

  3. It should be a great time, and I promise to post lots of photos when I get back!

  4. Bring your comfy pretty boots because there is LOTS of walking. And bring a big checkbook. Cowboy Christmas is expensive!

  5. oh yea...I love that belt you showed the pic of! We must have very similar taste!

  6. Oh Gosh...you will have a BLAST! We haven't been for about 14 yrs to the rodeo...but I LOVED it...my hubby doesn't love rodeo like I do. We went without tickets and had no problem picking some up and they weren't horribly priced...not bad seats either.
    Where are you staying?
    We loved Cowboy Christmas too..but yes, it's pretty expensive, but you can sure get a lot of cute ideas too. Have a great trip and can't wait to see the pics!

  7. Hello there I ran across your blog from Cowpies and Mudpies... Glad to find another aggie girl :) You went to KS State?? I'm really looking around at Ag colleges, mainly in Texas though...

  8. I'm SO darn excited for you Crystal. Secretly, very envious and keep scouting the travel/airline tickets for a last minute trip - even to go by myself! he he... look forward to all your stories. Have a blast you two!

  9. It's getting closer now! I think I will throw on the tennis shoes fro Cowboy Christmas. Everyone says you will do lots of walking! I have been saving my pennies too.

    BK - yes I went to Kansas State. It is an awesome school and I would highly recommend it. If you ever have any questions you can email me. Do you have your know blog?


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