Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween in my town...

Before I unveil my KC Halloween experience...

Now the town I live in likes Halloween, I mean really likes Halloween. I am pretty sure the Halloween decorations were going up in September. I am really lucky that my drive to work in the morning takes me onto two of the town's most famous and historic roads. And it seems no matter what the season they are the prettiest/most dressed up places in town. So since I was going to be in KC for Halloween I wanted to snap up a few pictures.

These little ghost children were my favorite!

I thought this house would look pretty spooky on Halloween night. Also, like the ghosts in the trees.

Same house. Cute way to decorate your house number.

There were actually two houses on this street that had these giant blow up spiders. I like the scare man on the porch too. 

Kansas City/Royal Halloween stories to come soon!

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