Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas is around the corner!

It's official...

This weekend I was doing a little Christmas shopping and the Christmas music was in full force. The thing is, I have been thinking about Christmas since the middle of October - it's a Canadian thing.

About a month ago a stumbled into this wonderful home decor store called Nell Hill's. My friend Robyn had mentioned the line, and the wonderful job they do on something called tablescapes. The store looked like Christmas had pretty much explored, but in the most classy and beautiful way.

There were room and rooms of Christmas decoration. Each one had a different theme or color palette. From floor to ceiling it was all about Christmas.

These are napkins, and then these snowball looking things served as napkin rings. I love the hounds-tooth pattern.

Love this bed set! Especially the buttons on the comforter.

It may be a little odd, but black is my favorite color, so I thought this ribbon and garland combo was great. The awesome thing was that this greenery is all fake. Who could tell? Which means you don't have to worry about it drying out and it can be reused every year.

I definitely walked away with some decorations of my own. But you'll have to stay tuned to see them. (Yes, they have already been up for a couple weeks now...)


  1. Glad I'm not the only one! My christmas tree went up yesterday! Pictures to come! Does that store have a website? Love it!

  2. I am dying to put all my Christmas stuff up!!! Maybe in a week the Farmer will agree!! :) Love the store!

  3. Click on the Nell Hill link and it will take you to her website. There is a store section, but not much on their compared to the actual store. Next time you are in Kansas you'll just have to head a little bit east.

  4. OH I'm SO excited about this post. One day I hope to go and explore this store. Thanks for capturing by picture. Hugs

  5. Robyn, it is really a great store! I just posted the pictures of my Nell Hill's creation. Search Nell Hill's on my blog and you should come across it!


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