Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boys and Cows

A year later

The Boy and I have officially been dating a year. I've been thinking about the fact that when you date a farm boy you also date the farm. This became quite clear when last night I made the comment that I have more pictures of the Boy's cows than of us together.

Catching a nap at a cattle
show in Canada
I applaud anyone who is not from an agriculture background that can make an agriculture relationship. Some of my friends questioned why I drove to Iowa all winter to see him, instead of him making the trip to see me. However, when cows are calving, there are cattle to prepare for sales, cows to be fed, it makes prefect sense that I travel to see him. The cattle have to come first because they depend on us, and I get that. I actually love it, because there is almost nothing I enjoy more than being on farms and around cattle.

You also have to be prepared to attend activities dateless, have plans change, and know that there is no sense of packing too many cute outfits because you'll be spending most the time in the barn.

My Valentine's Day Flowers in the Show Barn
Despite all the little bumps in the road cattle can cause, I am also grateful for the cattle because they are what brought the Boy and I together. We had always knew of each other through the cattle business, but then official met at a cattle show through a cattle friend.

I guess I can sum things up by saying there is nothing I would change about the last year, and I can't wait for many more years to come. I love him and his Hereford cows (that is saying a lot I raise another breed called Simmentals.)


  1. It's what you call a multi-breed rotation! You soon learn to love new breeds of cattle!! Congrats!

  2. My father-in-law had cattle, so there were a lot of times they couldn't come to visit because of them. I'd love to live on a farm, though.

  3. So true (dating the boy=dating the farm). It's a lifestyle and so much more than a hobby!

  4. So sweet! I love my cattle guy, too... glad I found him, not sure I could do without the cows! :)

  5. This is a very sweet post! Hope you have many more fun-filled memories together! Brandon and my dates are 99% spent together at the cattle pens or in the pastures but I'd take that over a fancy dinner in town any day :)

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments!
    @Jill I love the multi-breed rotation too funny!
    @etta living on farms are lots of hard work, but definitely worth the effort!


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