Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Young Farmers and Ranchers Blogs Part II

Tell your story.

There are lots of areas of agriculture, and although beef cattle are my favorite, I try to learn and be knowledge about all aspects. This month I am going to be featuring some brand new blogs from young agriculture agvocates.

Maryellen Gibson - Farm Kid Forever
Maryellen isn't a cowgirl, and doesn't own a pair of cowboy boots. She's a Shepard. I've been enjoying reading her blog and perspective on sheep and other areas of agriculture. I really enjoyed learning a lot about the sheep industry on my trip last year to Australia.

Farm Girl Forever

Dakota Wilson - Beef Undressed

I love one of Dakota's first posts about Artificial Insemination. Yes, this is a technology that we use in the cattle industry. She explains more about how it is done, and why on her blog Beef Undressed.  

A picture of Dakota's dad one of their Angus cows.

Rosie Templeton - Absolutely Agriculture
A passionate advocate Rosie blogs on a variety of topics. She has exposed me to some new way to connect with consumers, and how consumers could connect with me, like the Meet Your Farmer program.

One of the newborn Hereford calves on Rosie's farm.

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying your recent highlights from young bloggers! A very interesting and fun idea!

    Jessica @


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