Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I’m thankful for roadtrips

101 in 1001

We survived our 2nd
Calf Fry together. 
Time to give a little gratitude on the blog as part of my 101 in 1001 project. This past weekend I headed to Stillwater for my annual Calf Fry trip. This time my co-pilot was the Boy. It is hard to believe that is was at this event last year our relationship really kicked off.

We arrived at Miss Northerner’s trailer house (I mean what would a weekend of Red Dirt Music be without a trailer house). The Park West Palace would be home to eight people during the next three days. Eight people staying in a trailer = someone is going to have to sleep on the floor. It also means it takes approximately three hours to get everyone showered. Water tanks are not that big.

Randy Rogers was the musical highlight for me. Yes, I was that girl belting out Kiss Me in the Dark, and I was in great company. Throughout the weekend there were too many inside jokes to count, Eskimo Joes, my slowly becoming famous Shrimp Gumbo, a pitching contest, in which I made a hole in one, Zebra Cake races, dancing and a terrible rendition of Fancy. I am really not a good singer.

Dana can literally eat a Zebra Cake (similar to a Little Debbie) in 30 seconds.  This has become an annual tradition.
Now that is great form.
What I am most grateful for is the friends that accompany me on this trip every year. Sometimes we don’t see each other often, but it doesn’t matter because we pick back up from where we left off. And each year I seem to leave with a few new friends in tow. I mean the Montana Boys seen to your right probably know more about my personal life then they ever planned too. My Alberta heritage quickly gave me street cred, and they quickly declare I was just a norther sister. The bottle of Canadian Rye I bought with me probably didn't hurt.

Throughout the weekend I saw friends from 10 different state and a bunch of Okies, all gathered for a little fun in Stillwater. 

Pretty girls. Great friends.

Dana was the further traveler again, this year flying in from Detroit.

So thanks friends. I hope that you have people you can count on like these awesome people. Can't wait to do it all again next year. 


  1. Oh my you were in dangerous company with T-Brown and Marcus Vogel!!! They are very crazy kids and that I am "proud" to call Montanans!!;) Looks like you had a great weekend Miss Crystal!!


  2. Look how famous they are! It was great meeting them this weekend.

  3. I saw your comment on my blog & popped over to your profile to see you went to K-State!! I graduated from there in '07 :) GOOO STATE!

    And to respond to your comment about visiting NYC - spring is excellent - especially if the weather is nice!! Definitely recommend coming when the trees are blooming and the trees are a new bright green!

  4. Now I'm jealous. Missed Calf Fry this year, but calving season just so happens to be moved up a week next year. Wraps up just before next year's calf fry. Coincidence?

    Glad ya'll had enough fun for me too.

  5. Looks like such a great time! Girl, you were just about 60 miles south of my country!

    Great town and looks like great fun!


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