Saturday, May 7, 2011

Young Farmers and Ranchers telling their story

The new advocates

You may have seen the new Summer Synergy tab on my blog. Summer Synergy is a program for youth in agriculture that are involved in showing livestock. This year I am assisting with the marketing contest. The Senior members have been challenged with creating blogs that tell agriculture's story. During the next few months I'll be featuring some of their blogs, and I hope you take the chance to check them out.

Sarah Nixdorff -
Sarah family raises Hereford and commercial cattle. She recently wrote a neat post about bringing some of her city friends out to the Ranch, something that my sister and I did often when we were growing up.

Stacey is a college student, who grew up on Purebred Angus cattle farm. She talks about her experiences on the farm and has some great recipes on her blog.

Also, if you are participating in Summer Synergy tell me about your blog. And if you are needing some help with installing Google Analytics let me know, and we'll get it sorted it out.


  1. Great idea! Looking forward to all of the blogs to come! Going to check these out now.

    The House That Ag Built

  2. Thanks Sara, I am going to keep on posting additional blogs, so check back to read some more.


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