Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Change Your Blog Widths in Blogger

#Agnerds and fellow bloggers unite

I have been working with some of the Summer Synergy participants on their agvocacy blogs, and one thing I have noticed is that by changing the widths of the columns within their blog, they could quickly improve the eye appeal of their blog.

So how do you change the width of your blog in Blogger?

Step 1. Click on the Design tab on the Dashboard Page

Step 2. Next click on the Template Designer

This is the same place you click to change the color and font of your blog.
Step 3. Look in the upper left hand corner and click on Adjust widths

Click on Adjust widths
Step 4. You will now find these bars in front of you.

These are the widths of my blog, but remember you can choose to set up your however you like. 
By dragging the bottom two bars back and forth you will change the width of the outside sidebars to your blog. The smaller the left and right sidebars are the bigger your middle section will be. You also may choose to only have a two column blog, leaving one of the sidebars bars at 0 px.

The maximum entire width of your blog on Blogger can by 1000 px, but remember if you make you blog this big the entire blog might not fit on everyone's computer screens and they will have to scroll over.

This how to tutorial improves you blog! If you have any questions or would like to know how to improve other aspects of you blog let me know. Don't forget my How to Blog Guide that the top of my Blog as well.

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