Thursday, May 26, 2011

Toes in the Sand - Turquoise Thursday

Turquoise Sandals

Summer is definitely getting closer, and although my go to shoes most days are a pair of cowboys, sometimes a pair of shorts and sandals are needed for a little fun. The Canadian long weekend was last weekend, we celebrated Victoria Day, and the American long weekend is this weekend, we will celebrate Memorial Day. So how about a little turquoise to add to your long weekend wardrobe!

I am waiting for these turquoise sandals to go on sale at Banana Republic so they can go home with me!

A little more casual, but just as cute. 

Really thinking these would be a good addition too. 

And is turquoise isn't quite your color, then why not pink. Love these wedges from Banana Republic - can you see a trend. I really like that store. 


  1. I'll take each pair in an 8, thanks! Super cute picks!

  2. Turquoise...teal...close enough :) One of my favorite colors (goes with my favorite hockey team!)

  3. 2nd one is my fav, but coming from a shoeaholic like myself, I'd prefer all of the above :) Great picks Crystal!

  4. Love them all....but the first pair is calling my name!

    Thanks for sharing!!


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