Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to Add Pages to Your Blog

Another how to blog post for my #agnerd and blogging friends

A lot of friends have recently asked me how to add tabs or pages to your blog. You can also create a mini website for your company or farm by using pages. So here is a adding pages tutorial for Blogger blogs, and don't forget to check out my How to Blog Guide for more Tutorials.

Step 1. Go to your Dashboard, find you blog and click on Pages. 

You will find this list on the left hand side. 
Step 2. Creating the page. 

You are going to likely want to create a blank page. 

You create your page just like you would create a post. Things to keep in mind.
  1. keep the name of your tab short
  2. the About Me tab/page is one of the most important pages to a blog.
Once you create the page, you will hit publish, just like you publish your blog post. 

Step 3. Make your tab/page go live

Once you have created all the pages you would like you need to hit save arrangement (the orange box in the upper right hand column). 

By holding your mouse over the vertical blue line into from of each tab name you can click and drag the pages into the order you desire. Remember to again click save arrangement after you make your change. 

Step 6. Ideas and creating a website 

My Crystal.Cattle Pages

Page ideas you might have for your blog:

About Me –  This one gets a lot of hits. I also have my complete contact information under here

Recipes – if you post recipes regularly you might want to include them under here

Photos – show off your photography skills

Other Blogs – if you don’t want to list all the blogs that you like in a blog roll on your homepage you can include them here, or other websites you enjoy

For those cattlemen that are using their blog as a website, you may want to set up tabs like For Sale, Sires, Show String, Contact Us, etc.

 ZNT Cattle have used the Blogger format to create a website for their family's cattle farm. 


  1. Good post. Now, I wish you would show everyone how to add Name/URL option for comments. That is the number one thing I see for those who use blogger. They do not set that option and then it is impossible for people to leave comments easily. I get really frustrated when I visit blogger sites that do not have that option set. I hate it when I cannot leave comments!! I am on WP so cannot tell them how to change that...

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! It definitely helped me out.

  3. Thanks Crystal! Your super helpful!


  4. Weekend Cowgirl, you have read my mind! I have already taken the screen shots, so it will be up soon.

    Glad this post helped you girls out.

  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! So helpful

  6. Thank you for the tutorial. I am fairly new to this blogging thing.I would like to add more cattle photos and this would be perfect. B

  7. I am trying to use this tutorial (which is very helpful) but for some reason when I get to the "add pages" step it says "already added". Any tips on a way to get around this? I don't see "pages" anywhere on my layout setup. Thanks in advance :) Don't mind my lack of anything on my page... I am just trying to get this blogging thing figured out!

    1. I have updated the blog post to reflect the new blogger platform, so come on back and check it out. Then if it isn't working still let me know and we'll see if we can figure it out.

  8. Perfect, it worked. Thank you so much!


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