Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Before you sharpen your pitchforks, let's see what Mary Kay has to say

HSUS likes to scheme.

Yesterday, HumaneWatch.org made an announcement that the famous Mary Kay brand was supporting an HSUS fundraiser event in Dallas. Obviously, agriculture groups and people are up in arms. And it didn’t take too long before the word started to spread, just like the Yellowtail fiasco.

But, before we clean our medicine cabinets of our Mary Kay products and stop our next orders maybe WE should ask some questions. Does Mary Kay really know how their name is being used, and what HSUS stands for, likely not. I guess I am maybe a bit too much of an optimist, but I would think there are just too many rural and agriculture women that sell and wear this brand to let their name be associated with HSUS.

According, to several posts on HumaneWatch’s facebook page Mary Kay is already working to resolve a problem that they weren’t even aware that they were apart of. It appears that Mary Kay has been involved in a case of fraud to be quite frank. I would hate to see agriculture women suffer because of lies that HSUS has spread. And this afternoon Mary Kay releases this statement:
Some fans of Mary Kay® products and independent beauty consultants have expressed concerns over a recent sponsorship of a Dallas-area event. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We have heard you and want to clarify any confusion.

First and foremost, 
Mary Kay is not a sponsor of this event. Mary Kay’s owner’s wife was approached to make a personal contribution towards a local event here in Dallas sponsored by the Dallas chapter of the Humane Society. This event specifically supports efforts to stop puppy mills and the organization’s stop puppy mills campaign. Out of caring and compassion for addressing puppy mills, our owner’s wife agreed to make a personal contribution. Mary Kay has contacted the Humane Society to clarify that we are not sponsors of this event and the company logo is being removed from the website.

As a company, we sincerely apologize for any confusion or causing any offense to members of the Mary Kay community. 
I am asking that agriculture does the same thing that we are asking corporations to do – research. Research what you see in the media, research where you are putting your dollars, and continue to research the moves that HSUS is making so we can fight against them.

As a side note - maybe we can still make sure that Mary Kay ladies, employees and wives of employees understand what HSUS is so they don't receive these private individual donations.


  1. Well said, Crystal. It appears that Mary Kay was yet abother victim of HSUS' deceptive tactics. However, the wife wife of May Kay's owner and T. Boone Pickens ARE supporters of this fundraiser. We need to keep spreading the word about the real agenda of HSUS to stop the flow of money!

  2. Thanks for posting that Crystal! That is good to know and I completely agree with you that corporations need to be doing their research! As a relatively new Mary Kay consultant, this is definitely important to me to ensure that my own customers and fellow consultants understand what has really happened here. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!


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