Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eat more meat or else.

Welcome to New York.

I only have time for a real quick post today. Still working on the craziness from last night, and I have a basketball game to catch - Go State!

I love this video below, it was apart of our I am Angus series. It shows the true love people have for food, and getting it onto the plates of consumers. The grocery store is a really important step between farmers and the family's dinner plate. Next time you go to your meat counter ask for T-bone to be cut that thick! Mmm.


  1. www.johnson-livestock.comMarch 08, 2010

    Wow great job, I am going to have to swipe this one someday if thats okay.

  2. No problem. Would love you to use any of our videos. The further we can spread agriculture's message the better.


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