Saturday, March 27, 2010

Southwest vs. Farmers and Ranchers

Don't get us riled up!

Social media is the best way to spread a message. This morning through a friend's facebook post I heard that Southwest had a little incident. On March 25, on a flight headed to Columbus, Ohio, a Southwest flight attendant used the intercom to show her SUPPORT towards HSUS and the ballot initiative that they have been trying to pass in Ohio.

This is not OK. The flight crew has one good, to get me from point A to point B as safely as possible. It is not their job to push their political views on me, and it is definitely not their job to misinform people about animal rights groups like HSUS.

However, as the agriculture community and Master of Beef Advocacy graduates have done in the past we have mobilized. You can see the posts that have been placed on Southwest's facebook fan page. Southwest has responded and are looking into the situation. However, this goes to show how important it is to be sharing your personal story and facts with consumers. If you were on that flight, what would have done? How would you answer the questions from your the person sitting next to you. Be sure to have that elevator speech prepared, and know the issues so you can respond.

No we wait and see what else Southwest has to say.

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