Monday, March 1, 2010

A great Monday to be a Wildcat!

Still bleeding purple.

1. My beloved Wildcats are ranked No. 5 in NCAA Basketball. Things are getting really excited especially as we gear up for the Kansas vs. K-State game on Wednesday. First a hockey gold on Saturday, and now a basketball win on Wednesday and my life will be temporarily complete.

2. The campus newspaper, the K-State Collegian, doesn't always get it right. This year they seem to have created an uproar amongst ag students and fellow alumni with their reporting. However, today they did good. This is a nice article about HSUS and the ability to raise money using sad kitty cat and puppy dog faces.

3. It is only four days until the K-State Cattlemen's Day and Legacy Bull Sale. That means lots of friends and alumni in town, and a great reason to head back to Manhattan.

4. I got to spend Saturday at a Wildcat wedding in Manhattan. Two friends from college got married this past weekend. Going to alumni weddings always reminds me how big of an extended family I have. People always ask it I miss home (in Canada) or my family, and I do, but I also always have "family" close by, people I can always count on.


  1. So I guess you were cheering along with us in Stillwater this weekend when OK State upset No.1 Kansas?

  2. I sure was! We were able to catch the end of the game between the ceremony and the reception. Everyone was cheering in the bar. I have always said Go Land Grant!


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