Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Pioneer Woman - agriculture's biggest agvocate

Telling her story. 

The Pioneer Woman - if you haven't heard of her I am not sure where you've been hiding. She is one of the most successful bloggers in the world, and her subject matter is life on the ranch, with a little home cooking, home schooling, and some amazing photography thrown in.

The great thing is Ree Drummond is telling the story of agriculture without her audience really even knowing it. She shows branding, and prolapsed cows, and great meals cooked with beef. She is giving the consumer a little bit of insight into farmers and ranchers daily lives. And people are infatuated with her.

Now the Pioneer Woman knows what she is doing. She knows she has an amazing story line, that has developed in blog sponsorship, a cook book and a potential movie. Behind all the great story line and the ranch life are publicists, marketing reps and a real understand of selling a brand.

I do however think there is an interest in the way we live. The consumers want to know where their food is being raised. And if there is some advice on cooking and photography lens along the way, they don't seem to mind that either.

Ree Drummond is telling her story, I'm trying to tell mine, how are you going to tell yours?

This is one of my favorite Ree Drummond photos. She has a section on her blog where she has free high-res for download. And this is just one of those images. 


  1. Her cook book is really good too.

  2. I LOVE her so much!! I hope she does get to be in a movie. I will def buy it!!!

  3. I totally agree!! I LOVE her and am super-excited about her movie...and Reese!!!

    PS how do WE get our blogs made into movies?!?! Any ideas Crystal?!

  4. I totally enjoy Pioneer Woman too...funny thing is..she's not really doing anything any different than alot of women...but somehow she has the gift of making it so interesting... :)

    It's definitely a boost for the Agriculture/Rancher world!

  5. i just want to be her!

    think we can bring her to k-state?
    ...that would probably make my life!

    glad i'm not the only one acknowledging her awesome blog!

  6. We've always got room for more good agvocates. Can't wait to see it on the big screen!


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