Thursday, March 4, 2010

Use Facebook to Say Something

Spreading the word.

The last couple of days I have been working like crazy on my presentation that I will be giving at the Tiffin Conference in Alberta next week. I am really excited to talk to Canadian producers about some of the pressures that American producers are facing because of the ground swell of animal activism.

One of my points will be using social media to spread your message, and some of my friends have been doing a really good job of educating their friends about agriculture and some of the issues we are facing through So this is my challenge to you. Post something about agriculture on your Facebook. Maybe it is a status update about calving cows, or a beef recipe. Maybe you have found an interesting article that you would like to share, or you want to let people know that HSUS only spent half of one-half of a percent of their nearly $100 million budget to directly help sheltered cats and dogs. There are lot of great ag facts out there just start Googling.

And let us know what you decide to post, where you find good information or the interaction that you have with people.

My good friend Chelsea is letting me use one of her interactions in my presentation. Chelsea grew up in agriculture, and is now in law school. She has a whole network of friends that don't understand agriculture, and they use her to gain more knowledge and understanding. (She also is a part of a really neat new blog called Food for Thought, go check it out.)

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  1. Thank You for the wonderful comment on my blog! I really appreciate your view on how badly we as producers get mistreated when we people don't understand that us farmers are what keeps this country going! Thank You for being such a positive voice for agriculture!

  2. Awesome post - look forward to seeing your presentation next week. Enjoy the journey of preparing ;) Have a fabulous weekend diva!

  3. Would love to be in Alberta. Let us know when you are coming through Saskatchewan

  4. Thanks for the plug Crystal! I'm very excited about the new Food For Thought group.


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