Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mountains and Prairie

A little time behind the steering wheel.

Last week I had that opportunity to head back home to Alberta to speak at the Tiffin Conference. I had been asked to talk about some of the attacks anti-agriculture activists, like HSUS and PETA, are making against our way or life. The presentation went really well, but I also think I really shocked some people. Canada hasn’t been subjected to the daily criticism and attacks that U.S. farmers and ranchers have, and therefore aren’t as aware. Hopefully Canadians, along with Americans, will reach out to consumers and tell our story, so we can show the truth about agriculture.

But before, I got to the conference I had to make the drive from Calgary to Lethbridge. Calgary is considered southern Alberta and Lethbridge is only an hour from the Canada/U.S. border. 

It was a beautiful and clear afternoon, so I got an amazing view of the mountains

Notice, there is actually very little snow on the ground. This was taken just south of Calgary. 

I love these signs. This was taken in Claresholm, where they have a great western store. More on that later. 

Coming into Lethbridge. It seems to be a really cool town, but the wind ALWAYS blow there. 

Oh look it's some trees. These must of been planted, hehe. No trees in southern Alberta.

This is the University of Lethbridge. I actually spoke at the College, but I think it's neat how the this school is built into the side of a valley. 

And when I pulled up to my hotel, this is what was in front of every parking space - an electrical outlet. Yes, it can get so cold that we have to plug are cars in during the winter. 

And finally. I think this location would be prefect for a house and some cows one day. No reason why I couldn't have places on either side of the border.


  1. BEAUTIFUL mountians! Thanks for sharing a little piece of your home!

    Have a great day!


  2. I really like how your house is see-through so you can enjoy the mountains that much more! :) Looks like a great place non-the-less...with a few more RED cows! Enjoyed the pictures.

  3. 1. The wind does not ALWAYS blow... and you get used to it after a while
    2. Little known fact that the U of L building that is built into the the valley is the same size as Noah's Arc would have been
    3. I find it weird that the hotel had electrical outlets at every stall. It does not get cold enough there to plug in your car, if this was in Edmonton I would totally understand.
    4. The house is beautiful. I to like how it is transparent. Good luck trying to be able to afford the land to build it on!

  4. Isn't that the best drive ever?!? Thanks for sharing!

  5. SO glad I got to see you when you were home! My fav picture - your drawings with the mountain view ;)


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