Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The birthday girl is MIA

Welcome to a quarter of a century. 

Bad blogger, bad blogger. So I realize that I have been MIA on the blog for almost a week now. Not good, and I didn't even have any back up posts. But don't worry I have lots to tell you.

I turned the big 25 on Monday. Yup, I am officially allowed to have a quarter life crisis. Actually, I figure 25 can't be that bad. Still five more years until 30, and I think you start to lose some of that recent college grad stigma. Plus, so many great things have happened in the last week, I don't think there could have been a better way to end age 24.

When I went home my sister helped me plan a Canadian birthday get together. Although, I don't get to see these friends often enough it is great that we can all pick up were we left off.

On the day of my birthday I didn't have too much planned being a Monday and all, so I decided to drive to Manhattan to surprise my friend Lindsay. Lindsay birthday is only a couple days before mine, and in the past we have always celebrated together. I think she was pretty shocked to see me walk into the restaurant. We ate at a place called La Feista. The birthday tradition is for them to put a big hat on you, and then one of the waiter feeds you whipping cream from behind, making sure we get a little on your nose. 

Well, I felt the need to make sure that Lindsay had a little more than a little bit on her face!

This would be Lindsay after me putting a handful of whipping cream on her face. You have to watch us Youngs. We are notorious for our food fights. 

What are friends for. Here's to another 25 years, and I can't wait until this girls turn 25 either. 

p.s. Grandma and Grandpa I know you read this. That black jacket is what I bought with my birthday money! 


  1. Well HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY:) Looks like it was a great one:)

  2. Anytime you don't want that jacket I will take it off your hands!


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