Monday, March 1, 2010

Four more sleeps until Randy Rogers Band!

My love for Texas country. 

So I have mentioned before that I love Texas Country music. And I really love Randy Roger. You can read all about my college concert experience here. A couple weeks ago I found out that Randy Rogers is coming to Manhattan on a Friday - which is a rarity - Longhorns' concerts are always on Thursday which creates some problems for me. Driving the two hours and eight minutes back to work either the night after a concert or the next morning is just too hard. My body can't take it anymore!

Anyways back to Randy Rogers, he has this song called Kiss Me in the Dark. It's one on of my absolute favorite songs, and I will be belting it out Friday night, with all the girls! Take a listen.


  1. I love Randay Rogers!! So jealous! I also love how you Canadian girls count down things in sleeps...Robyn always does that too! :)

  2. I think sleeps is a Canadian thing. My college friends would look at me fun when I whenever I would say it!

  3. Excited for Randy Rogers and to see you!


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