Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crystal's Corn Report, and other stuff that happens in Iowa.

Another three weeks have gone by. 

This weekend I had a road trip partner for my adventure to Iowa. I call this gal Miss Oklahoma (she actually grew up in MT, lived in KS, and finished school in OK, maybe it should be Miss Multi-State). Anyways, Miss Oklahoma has actually known the boy much longer than I have. They are old Hereford buddies and went to college together. She was one of the references I used before I started this whole dating process with the boy.

Miss Oklahoma also knows very little about corn. So she was just as fascinated to see how tall the corn has grown. It had been three weeks since my last pictures of the corn. It was just starting to tassel then. You can read about it here). However, three weeks later this is what we are looking at.

The corn is much thicker, taller and there are corn cobs on it!

Miss Oklahoma asked why corn had the silks on it, and the Boy said that they catch the pollen. And if the plant isn't pollenated it won't produce corn. 

Although, this corn is the kind that we feed to livestock. I decided a taste test was in order. It is very starchy tasting. The Boy figures this crop will be harvested sometime in October. 

Due to the flooding that took place in Independence there was no golf or dirt track races this weekend. That doesn't mean is wasn't enjoyable as the Boy's parents supplied us with endless beverages and food. I had the best dip ever and will be testing it out soon. Watch for the recipe to come. 

We also got a chance to see how the calves are coming along at JJB Cattle Co. The bulls calves and some of the heifer calves have now been weaned. It's always exciting to see how much they have change, just like the corn. The Boy has a bred heifer that he'll show at the Iowa State Fair, and she just keep getting better all the time. Miss Fabulous and I are greatly looking forward to hanging out on the tack box and people watching at the State Fair. 

Some of the bull calves coming up to eat. 


  1. When I was reading this post, I was wondering what this kind of corn would taste like-so thanks for the taste test and share. That's also interesting about the silks catching pollen-I had no idea.

    I think a picture of this dude is in order to let your faithful readers know what he looks like! :)

  2. Hey! I saw you on the dairyman's blog and had to come over! I'm an Iowa turkey producer (and now a follower of your blog!) I have a passion for agriculture, too, although I am VERY new to it. Please come visit me sometime!


  3. Yay Iowa! I love hearing about such a great agriculture state! Keep up the posts!

  4. Okay, a little delayed but I also learned this week that there is one silk for each kernel and each one needs to be pollenated to have the kernel develop! Another fun fact!


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