Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Everyone should have a little cowhide

Good finds

I love cowhide, and wish I had more of it in my house. I guess I'll just slowly work at it, adding one piece at time. In the meantime I can post pieces to my blog, it is almost as good as shopping. And if you run out and buy and of these items I would love to know!

How about these Miss Me Cowhide Flap Pocket Jeans. They are even on sale right now.

I love this pillow, but unfortunately for you I can't remember where I found it. 

And of course the combination of a star and cowhide makes this pillow really good!


  1. My friend, Kellie would LOVE those jeans, but she has a 38" inseam and can't always purchase just any pair of jeans.

  2. I LOVE COWHIDE TOO! Those jeans are adorable. I'm slowly adding some "hide" to my decor as well...

  3. Love!! Hair on hide is another guilty addiction of mine. I think that when we get to meet we are either going to be best friends for life, or hate each other...we have exactly the same taste!! :)

  4. Thanks for all your comments. Maybe I'll have to post a little hide on the blog more often!


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