Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We know him as a golfer, but he's a farm boy at heart

It gets in your blood

After, my crazy week last week, I was really happy when I returned home and say the British Open was on. Yes, I love to watch golf, and no I do not think it is boring to watch. But I digress.

The Americans didn't do so hot, but the boy reminds me the Canadians were no better. I am still patiently waiting for Tiger's comeback, but that doesn't look to be happening anytime soon. However, there was one player that kept me watching - Louis Oosthuizen, from South Africa. He won by an incredible seven strokes. But today I found out one more thing that makes me like this cat even more.

As the story reports Oosthuizen spent some of his $1.3 million winnings on a custom-built tractor. It has a kiddie seat on it for his daughter to ride along.

I am pretty sure when I become a golf pro one day, and win a major, I am going to buy land, and 30 cows to go with it.


  1. In order to increase demand of my blog, I took your advice and visited yours. :) Go K-State blogging. Makes me so proud to see so many of us Aggies using social media. Go Us!

    Also, jealous of you tweeting. I must learn how to do that.

    On the golf post, the only fight I have ever gotten in with my roommate (going on three years) was over her obsession of watching golf and my annoyance of it. Golf is growing on me.

    Nice posts, keep up the agvocacy and interesting posts! ( I love the Onion)

  2. Thanks Beth! I hope you are finding new ways to use social media.


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